Wild at Heart Boot Camp and BASIC

Wild at Heart BASIC is Wild at Heart Boot Camp, led by John Eldredge and his team through video sessions in your local area. Allied Kings Network supports the ministry of Wild at Heart by introducing others to the Wild at Heart message.

Is this "just another men's retreat?"

A man needs a deeper understanding of ...

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What is Allied Kings Network?

Allied Kings Network exists to encourage men to “join shields” for the Kingdom of God by providing a catalyst for life-change through events, connections, networking, and mentoring.

Why our name "Allied Kings"?

Dan Allender makes this bold suggestion regarding peer friendship:

"Find like-hearted kings living in the ...

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Why Be a Part of a Community

Being a part of a community of faith is so important and significant that Christ Himself served as its model during His time on earth. All believers need to be connected to and involved in a group of individuals who share their commitment to the Lord Jesus as a source of support, inspiration, and safety. Our ...
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Upcoming Event

Allied KIngs Network PRESENTS

WILD AT HEART BASIC - Oct 26-29 - Double K Ranch, Easton, WA

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